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The Trading Platform

The trading Platform will unite in one information and trading space suppliers and consumers of various goods and services and provide users with a number of services that improve the efficiency of their business. Users will be able to conduct electronic bidding: auctions, contests, requests for quotations and proposals, optimizing costs, as well as participate in ongoing procurement, post information about the products and services offered.

Profile constructor

For us, every user is unique. The personalization of the user or the store is limited only by your imagination. Customizing the appearance of any page or store block, starting with the background setting and ending with styling, appearance of icons, size and location of blocks on this page. When you go to the user’s page, we will see exactly the design that he made himself, regardless of whether it is paid or not.


Token IViNcoin can be purchased during the ICO. This token within our social network will give a huge advantage to the user: from buying styles for page design to promoting their stores and paying for additional features.

Content filter

The exact request is the exact answer. The IViN network will run a powerful content filter using full-text search and lexical analysis.


A million opportunities in a single click.
The overlay function allows you to perform any action on the IViN network without minimizing applications and without switching tabs with your favorite movie in your browser. Share your own online activities without thinking about what you’re doing.

Virtual Reality

A world in which there are no borders; a world that will allow any dreams to come true. Virtual shops, games, visiting libraries and the opportunity to complement the education of virtual tours of the museums of the world and interactive exhibitions, design and engineering solutions will allow to realize their projects to all without exception.

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Lottery IVINCoin


Purse holders who purchase tokens worth more than 10 ETH participate in a lottery whose winnings will be

100.000 tokens IVINCoin

Road Map

July 2018

The first phase of the sale of the tokens Collection of funds that will be used for the salary project and the purchase of the necessary equipment for the creation and development of the "alpha" version of the application.

September-December 2018

Development of "alpha" version of the program which will include the following functionality: constructor of profile and shops, marketplace, messaging, voice and video communication, overlay.

September-December 2018

Implementation of the second stage of ICO. Sale of 20% of tokens for the development of the Beta version of the application. Increase in the staff of developers, purchasing of additional server equipment and preparation for the advertising campaign.

January-May 2019

Development of BETA version of the application, introduction of additional functional blocks: service of exchange of crypto-currencies IVIN cash, content filter, media platform

May 2019

Open testing of "Beta" version. At the stage of open Beta testing, six blocks of the social network will be tested (profile and store constructor, marketplace, content filter, overlay, messaging system, voice and video communication, IVINcash service , media platform). Testing of the application on mobile platforms.

June 2019

Integration of additional functions and services Development of additional functions of the internal store, the integration of online cinema, conferencing audio and video (for holders of business accounts the opportunity of conferencing, interviewing with the use of such additional tools as screen sharing, onlineblackboard, online code editors). Documents and other content.

July 2019

Integration of VR At this stage, the implementation of VirualReality (VR) technology will be implemented as a separate platform for games, shop, online chat and other user interactive.

August 2019

Release of a full version of the social network. Further work on the optimization and improvement of the project.

The crew

Nikita Shalygin

IT-specialist, programmer

The specialist in information technologies, has extensive experience in mining and cryptocurrencies.

Utyatnikov Denis

Development and WEB design

He was engaged in writing and configuring bots for various projects in the field of sales and IT. Has experience in fine-tuning mining equipment.

Kovalev Dmitry

Informational security

He has extensive experience in providing information security in a wide range from the banking system to universities.

Rozhanskiy Vadim

Financial advisor

A specialist in the securities market (compliance,countering insider trading and manipulation, Countering money-laundering and financing of terrorism).


Specialist in PR and advertising

He is a professional in the field of advertising for about 25 years with extensive coverage of aspects of creative conceptualization and production of advertising and corporate films.


WEB development and animation

Highly creative professional design with over 8 years experience as a web developer and flash animator at Digital Drift Wood Pvt Ltd, TekReliance LLC, Savit Interactive.

Fully aware of the latest trends and techniques in this field.


design and promotion

Advertising professional for about 26 years with wide exposure of advertising sales with main institutions of India, exposure to media planning and marketing of media property.


legal advisor

Extensive experience in law firms. Currently: practicing as a lawyer in the high court 

Viktor Hirsh

Backend Developer

Backend developer with over 10 years of programming experience. Engaged in software development in the gaming industry.

Alexandr Stephan

Frontend Developer

Universal person in the field of backend and frontend development; Specialist in the development of complex High Load projects;

Andrew Yakovlev

Company founder

Company founder

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